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Our consultants have decades of individual experience in the industry and/or university.
Now, together we may offer a synergistic partnership to leverage the transition to a more advanced level of knowledge applied to solving your problem.

We provide support in the following areas:

- Innovation projects,
- New product development,
- Consumer research with sensory analysis in foods and beverages, as well as for cosmetics and perfumes,
- Data management in production processes, quality, marketing and consumers,
- Studies of sensory analysis combined with statistical treatment of data with interpretation focused on strategic analysis for management decision making.

An innovation strategy is an essential tool for product development and continued growth even in difficult times.
Our deep technical knowledge is transformed into custom solutions for every need, in order to fit the demands of your business, either as an isolated project or as part of your human and technological resources available.

Meet the consultants

Chemical Engineer Rui Sergio S F da Silva
With 34 years of experience in Food Sci & Tech, Rui has been working in the fields of modeling, simulation and optimization of food systems, new product development and applied statistics. M.S. (Chemical Engineering) from COPPE/UFRJ, Rui earned a Ph.D. (Food Science) from FEA/UNICAMP. Full Professor in the Department of Food Science and Technology, State University of Londrina, he is now retired since September 2009. He was Major Professor (adviser) of seven PhD and 26 MS students in Food Science. Visiting Professor at University of São Paulo (USP) and Federal University of Parana (UFPR), Dr. Rui published over 80 scientific and technical papers in refereed journals (34 published in prestigious international journals).
Former President of the SBCTA/PR (2005-8) he is part of the Editorial Board of the Brazilian Journal of Food Technology (ITAL).

Chemical Engineer Silvia Deboni Dutcosky
Silvia has 25 years of experience in developing new products and processes and in sensory and consumer science. She has worked in the food industry, developing new processes of cereals, functional and dietetic foods. She managed teams of R & D and innovation projects integrated with marketing and consumer studies and she has done consulting for 16 companies. She has participated since the establishment of certain industries, developed new production lines and launched over 40 different food products in the market. She was professor and now is a guest lecturer for universities and technical organizations. She structured and implemented the course of Food Engineering PUCPR. She created the first post graduation course in Brazil in New Food Products Development in 2002. Author of Análise Sensorial de Alimentos (Food Sensory Analysis), received her Ph.D. from State University of Londrina in Food Science and Technology. She graduated and received her master's in chemical engineering from Federal University of Parana. Her distinguishing characteristic is the multiple experience in the following areas: corporate management, technical, industrial and academic.










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